Payments & Purchasing

Inmate Web Pages is free to use and is available to anyone in the world who has a computer/device capable of connecting to the internet...

Inmates listed on this site are required to pay a fee for a 1+ year pen pal page.

There are several ways for an inmate to pay the yearly fee:
Money Order | Prison Check

Online Credit / Debit Card Payment:

Online Payment: The ability to pay online has been suspended until further notice; Fraudulent credit / debit card activity is the reason why we are currently not accepting online debit / credit card payment.

Money Order Payment

Friends or Family of the inmate may pay using a money order. Bank or Postal Money orders are preferred but we will accept any legitimate money order.


NO PERSONAL CHECKS: Personal checks are no longer accepted due to the fact that half of the people who pay by check don't have the money in the bank to cover the check.

Prison Issued Check Payment

Most Inmates are allowed to withdraw money from their commissary/trust fund/prison account. If the inmate does not already have a significant prison account balance, please make a deposit in the amount of the product or service (30.00) to the inmate's prison account. The Inmate can then use the deposit in conjunction with our application to order a web page on their own.

We will accept checks directly from the prison. Inmates can get a funds withdrawal form from his/her case manager or case counselor. The inmate should request that the Web Page application be placed in the same envelope as the prison check if possible. Once we receive the prison check and application from the inmate we will add the inmate's page to our website. Prison Checks are usually backed by the State or Government and they clear immediately.