Payments & Purchasing

Inmate Web Pages is free to use and is available to anyone in the world who has a computer/device capable of connecting to the internet...

Inmates listed on this site are required to pay a fee for a 1+ year pen pal page.

There are several ways for an inmate to pay the yearly fee:
Credit/Debit Card | Money Order | Prison Check

Online Credit / Debit Card Payment:

Online Payment: Friends or Family of the inmate may pay online on behalf of the inmate. All Payments are Processed By PayPal. No one at will ever see or ask for personal credit card information. The only credit/debit card information revealed to us is the email address and name on the credit card that was used to send payment.

prison pen pal page

You DO NOT need a paypal account to make a payment;
Paypal will process a major credit card just like any other credit card processing company.

Owners of have a Verified Paypal Status & have maintained an account to process credit card transactions for other business ventures via Paypal since 2006.
Research Paypal | PayPal's Website
Verified PayPal Status | Contact Us if more info is needed.

PAY ONLINE - Please know / have the following information:

1.) Inmate's Name, ID #, and Prison Mailing Address.
2.) Inmate's Release Date
3.) 0-300 Text Words (Hi, I'm John & I'm Looking for Penpals...etc)
4.) 1 - 3 Pictures of the inmate. (You can upload from your computer).
5.) Inmate's Birth Date (Year that the inmate was Born).
6.) Inmate's Conviction/Crime (Reason that the inmate is in Prison).
7.) Inmate's Zodiac / Birth Sign
8.) Inmate's Sexual orientation (Gay, Straight, Bisexual)

After a successful payment transaction, Paypal will generate a link that will grant you access to our Inmate Web Page Creation Form where you will be asked to provide all of the information listed above (1-8). After the entire transaction is complete, the inmate will be added to our website within 7 days of the completed payment process.

Due to the fact that inmates are sometimes transferred to other Prisons or Moved to a different section of a Prison, Address Changes are always FREE.

Regular Web Page/Pen Pal Listing - $30.00: This is what most inmates listed on this website have. It's a web page that requests pen pals. The inmate will have his own unique url (web address) that will contain the inmate's name. The inmate's webpage will be worldwide and active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The web page will be active for 12 months (1 year)...

SALES: Sometimes we have sales & special... Please see check out cart for any current sales and or specials.


---ONLINE PAYMENT--- Please use the cart below to make an online purchase on behalf of an inmate... in the unlikely event of a problem or error processing the online order do not hesitate to submit our contact form to inquire about the transaction and it's status. Be sure that your computer's date is correct and you have a current/up to date version of your web browser otherwise you may get a security error and that may block you from viewing the actual checkout page (especially if using Windows).


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Money Order Payment

Friends or Family of the inmate may pay using a money order. Bank or Postal Money orders are preferred but we will accept any legitimate money order.


NO PERSONAL CHECKS: Personal checks are no longer accepted due to the fact that half of the people who pay by check don't have the money in the bank to cover the check... bounced checks cost us money too ($10 per returned check)!!! we only accept money orders & decit/credit card payments from friends and family of inmates...

Prison Issued Check Payment

Most Inmates are allowed to withdraw money from their commissary/trust fund/prison account. If the inmate does not already have a significant prison account balance, please make a deposit in the amount of the product or service (30.00) to the inmate's prison account. The Inmate can then use the deposit in conjunction with our application to order a web page on their own.

We will accept checks directly from the prison. Inmates can get a funds withdrawal form from his/her case manager or case counselor. The inmate should request that the Web Page application be placed in the same envelope as the prison check if possible. Once we receive the prison check and application from the inmate we will add the inmate's page to our website. Prison Checks are usually backed by the State or Government and they clear immediately.