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Hey Ladies...

prison pen palMy guess is if you're reading this, my picture caught your attention. So let's see if you are interested…
For real, I'm just looking to make some friends… If I'm not mistaken, you are as well. So why not help me help you and vice versa. Due to my behavior I am in a disciplinary program and have been since 2008. I come out of my cell one hour Monday through Friday so I have plenty of time to listen and correspond.

I am an honest, understanding, and attentive person, and I admire as well as value any woman who carries the same qualities. That said always rest assured that I will speak honestly about everything… So if this is not the type of person you are, or are looking for don't waste our time… I'm not the one to play games. What you see and read is who I am. Just keeping it real…

I enjoy reading, drawing, and working out… I have no vice and plan to stay that way. All ladies are welcome…
Take care…


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20 Questions

 1.) My heritage/ethnicity: ".. Mexican American."
 2.) My body type: ".. 5'9", 183 pounds,.."
 3.) Number of children I have: ".. 0 .."
 4.) Number of brothers & sisters I have: “… 1 sister…”
 5.) Best part of my body: ".. My chest .."
 6.) If I were a porn star my porn name would be: ".. Cookie Monster.."
 7.) My favorite sexual position: ".. Anything with the lights on.."
 8.) Age at which I lost my virginity: ".. 12.."
 9.) My favorite song: ".. Any alternative rock.."
10.) My favorite movie: ".. Natural born killers.."
11.) My favorite food: ".. Hot wings.."
12.) In high school I was: ".. Always absent…"
13.) Number of tattoos I have: ".. 10.."
14.) What am I afraid of: ".. Obama Care..."
15.) Last thing I do before falling asleep: "thank God"
16.) Longest I’ve went without self-pleasure: ".. 48 hours.."
17.) I wish that I could: ".. Drink a Corona.."
18.) My favorite word or phrase: "Made in America with Mexican parts"
19.) If I found $50,000 cash I’d: ".. Have to wait to spend it.."
20.) If Immediately Released I would: ".. Spend that 50 G’s.."





prison pen pal

Melesio Rojas # 34199-013
USP Atwater
PO Box 019001
Atwater CA 95301



Born: 1987 Leo
Conviction: Felon Firearm Possession / Transportation
Prison Sentence = Entered: 2006   Release: 2018
Born & Raised: Denver CO

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