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Hey Wonderful...

prison pen palI hope I can make your search for a pen pal or a friend a little easier. If you are fed up with meeting the wrong people, disappointed by past results, and not content to just drift through this website, then perhaps I can offer you an alternative.

Who am I? A lonely heart, who took some of the most priceless things for granted once upon a time… Nothing is more rewarding than meeting someone new… Sadly I've been denied this beauty in life because of my yesterdays. But you can make a difference in my life now, and I hope you will.

I love children, animals, beaches, cars, art, weightlifting, honesty, romance, and painted fingernails… I dislike honesty, power trips, and pork chops… If you can find it in your heart to be a friend, or something more to me I promise you won't regret your decision. I don't have much family or any friends to keep in touch with and that makes me feel so alone.

We all deserve a second chance at life – at love. I encourage you to give me a first chance. Please write.


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20 Questions

 1.) My heritage/ethnicity: ".. Black mixed with Greek.."
 2.) My body type: ".. Athletic and physically fit.."
 3.) Number of children I have: ".. None.."
 4.) Number of brothers & sisters I have: “… 1 brother and 3 sisters…”
 5.) Best part of my body: ".. My rock-hard chest.."
 6.) If I were a porn star my porn name would be: ".. No limit.."
 7.) My favorite sexual position: ".. Froggy style.."
 8.) Age at which I lost my virginity: ".. 14.."
 9.) My favorite song: ".. Hey lover – LL Cool J.."
10.) My favorite movie: ".. The Fast and Furious.."
11.) My favorite food: ".. Potato salad.."
12.) In high school I was: ".. There for all the wrong reasons…"
13.) Number of tattoos I have: ".. Two.."
14.) What am I afraid of: ".. Not finding that true love..."
15.) Last thing I do before falling asleep: ".. Thank God for another day.."
16.) Longest I’ve went without sex (self-pleasure): ".. A long, overwhelming month.."
17.) I wish that I could: ".. Eliminate taxes, prejudice, cheating.."
18.) My favorite word or phrase: ".. It gets greater later.."
19.) If I found $50,000 cash I’d: ".. Take my mother shopping.."
20.) If Immediately Released I would: ".. Run until my feet are numb.."



Inmate's Mailing address:

penpal pen pal

Howard Battle #422559-251708C
215 Burlington Road South
Bridgeton New Jersey 08302

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Born: 1981 Leo
Conviction: Carjacking
Prison Sentence = Entered: 2000    Release: 2021
Born & Raised: East Orange, NJ
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